Blue Apron Reviews

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Blue Apron Reviews – Meals Introduction

Blue Apron is a meal prep delivery provider who brings seasonal, fresh ingredients to your home.

When you use the meal delivery service of the Blue Apron company, you can cook delicious meals in your home without going through the trouble of getting the ingredients from the supermarket.


blue apron meals

When you subscribe to Blue Apron’s home delivery meals service, you will get pre-portioned and uncooked ingredients.  So, all you have to do is make sumptuous meals by following the recipe that comes with the ingredients. Blue Apron’s healthy food delivery will also include a brief background and history of the dish, so you know all about the food you are eating.



Blue Apron Plans Pros And Cons

One of the reasons why Blue Apron is one of the best meal delivery services is because they always send fresh ingredients and produce.  This ensures that your food is not only healthy but also tasty. Furthermore, unlike other meal prep delivery services, they don’t charge you for shipping for most meal plans. There are no hidden costs that will increase your investment on their meal prep services.

If you plan to subscribe to Blue Apron’s fresh food delivery, it is worth noting that they don’t have any option for snacks, lunches, and desserts. This means that they are primarily a good option when you are looking to get dinner delivered to your door. Also, they only serve up to 4 people in the family.  Using their vegan meal delivery service can be a problem if you have more than 4 people in your home.

Who Should Use Blue Apron Meal Plans?

Home delivery food service of Blue Apron is ideal for families who have little time to go shopping at the grocery store. Also, with Blue Apron you don’t have to plan your dinner in advance. When ingredients for healthy meals delivered to your door, all you have to do is cook it at your convenience. Another reason why people use their pre made meals service is because they want to try fun new recipes and ideas.  They give you several recipe options, which makes cooking fun. Blue Apron is a preferred choice of people who are searching for healthy food delivery near me.

Counting calories as part of your diet goals? 

No Problem…

They not only send the ingredients but also give you the calorie count per servings.

What Differentiates Blue Apron Delivery Service

Fresh Ingredients

Some prepared food delivery companies, purchase their ingredients in bulk and they allow their products to sit in warehouses for weeks, and even months. Also, there are many diet food delivery companies that buy their ingredients from different countries.

If you want fresh meals delivered, you should opt for Blue Apron because they eliminate intermediaries such as the wholesalers, grocery stores, and even grocery warehouses. Since they deal directly with the farmers, fresh ingredients and produce are delivered to your door.

Improve Your Knowledge With Blue Apron Prepared Meals

What differentiates Blue Apron from other meal prep companies is that they give you information about the food you love. When you use their diet meal delivery service, you can improve your cooking skills, learn new recipes, get nutritional knowledge, and most importantly you develop a liking for new cuisines.

They send you the background and history of each dish, which builds your passion for cooking and love of eating.

Keeping Track With Blue Apron Healthy Meals

If you have an iPhone you can use their app to check account information, get cooking tips, look at their latest recipes, watch instructional videos, and update your subscription information. However, there is no app for Android users.

Blue Apron Home Delivery Eco-Friendly Food

If you are searching for the best food delivery service that is eco-friendly, then Blue Apron is a good option for you. Some steps they have taken to improve our environment are:

Good Quality Ingredients

The ingredients that you receive are high quality ingredients from a sustainable source. These include sustainable seafood, hormone-free meat, and non-GMO products.

Regenerative Farming and Crop Rotation

Blue Apron believes giving more into earth than taking out from it. The menus you find on their website are based around crop rotation.They work with the farmers to ensure there is minimal impact on the soil.

No Middleman With Blue Apron Meal Service

The ingredients of your ready made meals are sourced directly from the farmers.  They don’t deal with wholesalers and retailers to ensure you get riper and fresher food on your table.

Less Wastage With Blue Apron Service

Since Blue Apron sends perfectly portioned meals, there is minimal wastage of food.  In 2016, the company saved more than 2,750,000 pounds of food. They also reduced food wastage by over 60 percent in the same year.


How Blue Apron Food Delivery Works

Blue Apron does not currently cater to specific diet types like Paleo, but offers several low carb meal delivery and plant based meal delivery options to help you cook nutritious and tasty food. You can choose between the family or couple plan, and select the recipes you want from their weekly menu.  Like most meal delivery services, there is no Blue Apron 1 person plan.

The delivery boxes they send are well insulated with frozen gel, to ensure your ingredients stay fresh. Some additions to the box include the history of the dish, nutritional details, number of servings the ingredients will make, step-by-step cooking guide, and details of the cookware you require to make the dish.

 Blue Apron Meal Delivery Options

 They have a catalogue of several recipes and cover many cuisines including Indian, Asian, Mexican, Italian, and Mediterranean. The weekly menu of Blue Apron of 6 choices for the two-person meal delivery plan and 4 options for those opting for a family plan.  This effectively means that people have little options when they choose the family plan.

 When searching for the recipes on their website or app, you can browse recipes by their main ingredients or by season. This option includes recipes for vegetarians.

 Options for people on specialty diets such as low carb, diabetic, or gluten free are not easy to search. Blue Apron allows you to mark the ingredients you can’t eat. They use this information to send you meal choices that don’t have these ingredients. Some of the most sort after dishes in their meal options include seared steaks with roasted potatoes and lemon-parmesan kale, pizza with grana padano, fontina and mozzarella cheese, and popcorn chicken with hot and sweet cabbage slaw.


Blue Apron Delivery Pricing

If you want healthy prepared meals delivered to your door at affordable rates, you must know the price charged by the provider. Blue Apron basically offers 2-meal plan, one for a family of 2 and other for the family of 4. You can tweak these plans to receive 4, 3, or 2 meals a week.


PlanCost Per ServingCost Per Week
2 recipes/week, 2-person plan$10.99$51.95
3 recipes/week, 2-person plan$10.99$65.94
2 recipes/week, 4-person family plan$9.99$79.92
3 recipes/week, 4-person family plan$8.99$107.88
4 recipes/week, 4-person family plan$8.99$143.84


Blue Apron charges $10.99 per serving if you order 2 or 3 recipes a week for 2 people. So, you will end up paying $51.95 a week for 2 recipes, and $65.94 a week for 3 recipes.

If you are a 4-person family, you will pay $9.99 per serving for 2 recipes a week, and $8.99 for 3 or 4 recipes a week. A 4-person family will effectively pay $79.92 for 2 recipes, $107.88 for 3 recipes, and $143.84 for 4 recipes.

There are no Shipping Charges for most plans. However, those opting for 2-person with two recipes plan will have to shell out an additional $7.99 for shipping.

Blue Apron Healthy Meals Support

If you have any questions on their prepared meals delivered to your door, you can visit their website and check out their FAQ page. You can also contact their help center which offers 24/7 customer support. Alternatively, you can send them a mail and get help from their support team.


Why Blue Apron Meal Prep?

Simply because they are not only the originator, but they are also one of the best home delivery meal providers in the market. When makes them one of the best food delivery provider is their eco-friendly practices, fresh food delivery, and elimination of food waste. The only drawback of using their service is that they have limited options in their weekly menu.