sun basket vs blue apron meal delivery

The concept of meal delivery services is a very simple and smart one, so it isn’t surprising that there are so many different meal prep delivery companies to choose from. Personally, I have tried quite a few of them and they have been delicious and helpful.  Like so many other people, I started out with Blue Apron, and then from there, I experimented as my diet preferences have changed over time. They have not disappointed me too often, but every once in a while, I have found it necessary to try new meal prep services so that I can make sure I am using the best meal delivery service that’s right for me and my family and also to see what all the hype is about.


That is where Sun Basket comes in. Since there are so many dinner delivered meal delivery kits that are available to choose from, at first it can be overwhelming. One good thing about the amount of home delivery meals competition is it is very easy to do online research. That is the situation here, as I have done most of the work for you to help you understand the pros and cons when it comes to Sun Basket Delivery Vs. Blue Apron Meal Plans.

sun basket meal delivery
blue apron food delivery
Meal PlanCost Per ServingShipping
Classic Plan$11.99$6.99
Family Plan$10.99$6.99
PlanCost Per ServingCost Per Week
2 recipes/week, 2-person plan$10.99$51.95
3 recipes/week, 2-person plan$10.99$65.94
2 recipes/week, 4-person family plan$9.99$79.92
3 recipes/week, 4-person family plan$8.99$107.88
4 recipes/week, 4-person family plan$8.99$143.84

Blue Apron Meal Healthy Food Delivery Offerings

Blue Apron has always provided me with meals that, without fail, were really easy to cook. Their meals sometimes fell flat, with overly heavy pasta dishes and beef medallions that were not the best quality. However, they also have sent me a General Tso’s Chicken recipe that I still cannot believe that I made myself. It is one of the more exotic dishes that they offer, which makes it hard to replicate when you don’t have access to all of the ingredients.  

korean burgers with Marinated Cucumber & Sesame-Dressed Slaw

Sun Basket Healthy Meals Delivered Choices

Sun Basket also has provided some meals that are easy to make and made me feel like I was a chef-in-training. These meals have a tendency to come together quite quickly, so if you happen to be in a rush for cooking dinner, then it would be one good meal delivery plan option to consider. Their food might be fast, but it still is satisfying and delicious, which is why many consumers consider them to be one of the best food delivery services.


The Moroccan lamb was one of the recipes that I really liked, which was fairly representative of the style of cooking offered by Sun Basket. It was easy, fast, but with some unique flare when it comes to the sauces and spices.

Home Delivery Food Sign Up And Canceling Processes

With both fresh food delivery companies, the sign-up process is quite involved, however, not in a difficult or bad way. With both meal prep companies, you need to customize your order to fit the diet preferences of your family. That involves selecting the number of individuals you are going to cook for and the number of meals that you want to cook each week. Then you determine which meal plan you want to go with. There are more dietary options offered by Sun Basket, so it is a bit more detailed compared to Blue Apron. However, if you don’t have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, then this shouldn’t be a problem.


The cancellation process is where the two premade meals companies have a more noticeable difference. With Blue Apron, you have to email their cancellation team and then they will respond with instruction on how to cancel your membership. Sun Basket requires you to call to cancel your membership. It isn’t a hard phone all to make since they don’t try to make you feel bad or convince you not to cancel, but it still is annoying that you can’t simply cancel inside of the membership area. 

Best Prepared Meal Delivery Service Packaging and Delivery

Meal delivery kits are all about the packaging. You can get an ideal selection of fresh food, but just one leak can ruin it all. In this field, Blue Apron is one of the leading pioneers, so it is not surprising that they do a good job of keeping foods separated and fresh.


Vegetables and fruits like zucchini, potatoes, garlic, and lemons, for example, are uncovered and roam free inside the box with bagged ingredients, and everything else basically, except for the meats. Thick pieces of cardboard separate them, and ice packs keep the box cold for an entire day. Since the meats are at the bottom of the box, if you have a leak, the gravity will keep things in control. The main difference between Sun Basket and Blue Apron is that Sun Basket has every meal in a separate brown paper bag instead of being spread out like Blue Apron’s assortment of ingredients. The meat separation, however, stays the same for both.

Fresh Meals Delivered Price Comparison

The first thing that many people would like to know before anything else about a healthy food delivery services is the price. Between the two, Blue Apron is the more affordable option and offer two different plans for you to choose from. They have a couples plan with three different meals for two individuals every week that costs $59.94, and this is about $10 per meal.


The family plan is their next option, that serves up to five individuals and costs $69.92 so that costs around $9 per individual. There is also a wine of the month option that is also offered, which is $65.99 per tax on its own.  


Sun Basket is a bit more expensive, but rightfully so.  They have higher quality ingredients such as organic produce, wild caught seafood etc. Their couple’s plan is $75 per week. That comes out to $11.50 per individual. That is something that you should consider if pricing is something that you are concerned about.

Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door Customization Options

Many different kinds of dishes are offered by Blue Apron for individuals who don’t have specific food allergies. But you are offered the option to pick and choose from seafood and meats that you like and don’t like. They also have a vegetarian option, but no gluten-free options. Their wine club is a good option too and pairs the wines with the meals.    


Until recently, they had restrictions on the kinds of dishes you could choose as the 3 meals for the week. Fortunately, that has changed so now some weeks you can select one seafood and 2 vegetarian dishes or a steak option. So, it might not be for you if you do have dietary restrictions.


However, several customization options are offered by Sun Basket like vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and lean and clean. So, if you are searching for a certain diet plan or have allergies, then they might be the best option for you. Their options include paleo, lean and clean, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.


However, if you do not have any specific dietary needs, there are also classic dietary family plans that are available.

Turkey and vegetable minestrone with white beans and brown rice recipe

What Makes Each Of These Diet Meal Delivery Kits Unique?

These two prepared food delivery companies are both different when it comes to the variety of meals that are available, and there some other differences also. Apart from Sun Basket’s diet and allergy options, I think that one thing that makes them unique are their upgrade options that are available for increasing the quality or size of their meat portions.


Blue Apron has great wine club options. I am not even really much of a wine drinker, but I like what they have to offer since it has many unique grape styles that I had not tried before. They are less expensive as well.  At $9.99 per individual for the couple’s meals and right under $9 for their family meals, that is a good deal to consider when compared with options from other meal kits.

Which Is The Best Meal Kit For You?

I have covered just about everything. My opinion is Blue Apron is a very good option for first-time meal kit subscribers since they provide solid food options at an affordable price, and you don’t need to deal with a lot of customization options in order to get started. Also, I have noticed that as the company continues to grow their food options keep getting more interesting, so the issue that I had about getting bored after a few months might not be a problem now.


However, my number 1 recommendation is Sun Basket due to the unique flavor offering and ease of cooking the meals that they deliver. I also only eat organic produce and sustainably raised meats, so I like their meals better. That is my main reason to join a meal delivery service was to be able to cook interesting meals, rather than save time, and that is what Sun Basket gives me!