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All Home Chef meals start at $7.99, and you have the option to get 2, 4, or 6 servings. Also if you want lunch, they do have an option sold at $7.99

Meal PlanCost Per ServingShipping
Classic Plan$11.99$6.99
Family Plan$10.99$6.99

To keep your body fit you have to exercise regularly and eat   healthy food. This effectively means that you have to visit the market several times to get fresh, organic, and nutritious food. Subscribing to one of the best meal delivery services will not only save time but are also light on your pocket. With so many meal prep companies in the market, it can become difficult to choose a pre made meals provider that is best for you.


Sun Basket and Home Chef Meal Prep Services are two of the best food delivery companies that offer fresh food delivery to your door. In this article, we have analyzed the pros and cons of both these meal prep delivery services, to help you decide on which company is right for you. 


Home Chef Delivery Service


One of the reasons why you should choose Home Chef as your prepared food delivery provider is because their recipes are easy to follow, even if you don’t have any kitchen experience. The dinner delivered to your place by Home Chef is completely customizable and you can choose the number of meals you need in a week. Also, their diet food delivery can be customized to suit your requirements.  A drawback of using the services of Home Chef is that their meal delivery plans are a bit expensive. Also, their ready made meals come in 2-servings, which means that a 1 person family or singles may not be able to use their service.


To get meals from Home Chef, you will have to pay them $7.99 per serving. You can choose between 2, 4, or 6 servings for order. They also sell the lunch option for $7.99. There are no delivery charges for orders over $45. For orders below $45, you have to pay an additional $10 to cover delivery costs. 


Sun Basket Meals


If you want a meal prep company that offers vegan meal delivery, low carb meal delivery, or any other meal delivery option, then Sun Basket is one of the best home delivery meals provider for you. They also offer excellent customer support and are the ideal option for those who love cooking.  If you care for your environment, you wouldn’t prefer Sun Basket because they use too much plastic to pack your food, however all packaging is recyclable. Also, they don’t offer any pasture raised or grass fed meat.  


Sun Basket offers two meal options – Classic Menu and the Family Menu. The classic menu has 18 recipes and they charge you $11.99 per serving. Family menu gives you the option of choosing from 6 recipes, and you will have to pay $10.99 per serving. For deliveries, you have to pay $6.99 per order. 




Both Sun Basket and Home Chef are good when it comes to ordering tasty and notorious food. However, Home Chef is a shade better than Sun Basket when it comes to pricing.  However, Sun Basket caters to more diet preferences and offer organic ingredients and higher quality food in general which justifies the higher price.  So, you just have to decide what’s more important to you, price? Or quality of ingredients?  If its price, go with Home Chef, but if you prefer or organic ingredients or have specific dietary requirements then Sun Basket will be your better option.