Selecting the best meal delivery service can be daunting tasks, especially if you don’t know where to start. Whether you prefer a vegan meal delivery or a low carb meal delivery, there are several meal delivery service options to make your kitchen experience more adventurous. Today, not everyone has the patience and the time to prepare their meals from scratch. So, when you use meal prep services, you can prepare the best dishes with minimal effort. 

Choosing The Best Food Delivery Service

The meal prep companies that you compare, may offer great deals but even so, you would want to ensure that you get your money’s worth. The meal prep delivery company must not only be effective but it must also offer a wide range of recipes that cater to your special dietary requirements. When selecting the best food deliver system, there are several things you must consider when taking a decision.

In my experience, most people tend to shop around for the best prepared meal delivery service by taking into consideration a combination of the following 7 factors: Cost, Ingredients, Flexibility, Nutrition, Family Size, Specific Diet Plans and Value. So whether you’re on a gluten free diet and your on the prowl for meals that won’t trigger inflammation or your are on the Keto diet, so you want your meals to keep you in Ketosis 24 hours per day, getting specific about your dietary needs allows us to better hone in on the healthy food delivery service that’s going to work for you.

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Top Companies That Offer Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Yoor

For some consumers, brand recognition is going to be at the top of the list. Perhaps you’ve seen Blue Apron ads online or watched television commercials from other big names like Blue Apron, Sun Basket or Home Chef. While reputation is important, it shouldn’t be the only consideration.

See how some of your favorites brands fared during our rigorous meal tests!


When selecting your meal delivery plans, you would want to ensure that they are reasonably priced. Usually, the ingredients sent to your place by the provider works out cheaper when compared to getting it from a grocery store like Whole Foods every week.

However, doing a cost-benefit analysis can help you get the most out of your investment. The amount you pay will depend on the plan you select and the number of recipes offered by the provider. So, before you select a plan, check the amount you have to pay and the reasons for it. 


When selecting a home delivery meals service, you would want to check the quality of ingredients used by the provider. If the provider uses low-quality ingredients, you will not get your money’s worth. Ideally, healthy food delivery providers will use organically-sourced ingredients when available, that are fresh and are delivered in an insulated box. When natural and organically grown ingredients are used, you get to eat not only tasty but also nutritious food.   


One of the reasons why people invest in fresh food delivery service is because they don’t have the time to cook their meals. This also means that they don’t have time to sit in their homes and wait for hours to get their dinner delivered. So, when selecting a pre made meals provider, you should look for a healthy food delivery provider. This will ensure that you get your food at your home in the shortest possible time.  You would also want to ensure that the provider is able to adjust the delivery time to suit your delivery schedule. Some of the other features that the meal prep services near me must offer include option to cancel or change delivery schedule via app. This will make it easier for you to manage the delivery of food


There are many providers that have the tagline “Healthy meals delivered instantly”. This tagline may be common but do meal providers actually deliver healthy food?

Before you select a provider, make sure the ingredients used by them meet your nutritional requirements. If you are looking for a plant based meal delivery for example, our provider must be able to provide you food that meet your nutritional need.

Similarly, if you are using a home delivery food for your kid, the food must have all the nutrients required by your kids while growing. 


meal delivery

An important benefit of choosing a meal prep service near by is that their shipping charges are low. The shipping charges will vary depending on the provider you select. If the mean prep delivery service is at a distance from your place, you may have to pay an additional shipping fee.


This may not be necessary if you select a prepared food delivery service that is close to your place. Some providers may not charge you for shipping but will increase the prices of the meal plan. So, make sure you analyze the prices and the shipping charges before choosing a meal plan.  

Which is the best home delivery meals plan for me?

Of course, this will depend on what you expect from your meal plan and how many months you plan to use their service. Also, check the portion size offered by the provider. Some diet food delivery providers offer small portion sizes, which may be ok for one person but may not be sufficient for a family. 

2 Person Meal Plan

This is the most popular meal plan that caters to the dietary requirements of two people. The recipe you can select will depend on the plan you have chosen.


So, you should consider how many recipes you want in your plan and how much you are willing to pay for it. 

meal delivery plan for 2 people

Family Plan

meal delivery plans for families

This is the second most popular plan offered by the providers and it usually caters to the requirements of 4 people. If you select this plan, you can chose from an extensive range of different healthy delicious recipes, ensuring that you get the perfect ready made meals for your whole family.


Of course, this plan is more expensive when compared to the 2-person plan. However, if you consider the number of people it can feed, this plan is well worth the investment.

Not every diet food delivery company offers vegetarian meal options, so when selecting a provider that offers prepared meals delivered to your door, you should check first to see if they cater to vegetarians and if so then the number of vegetarian recipes offered by the provider. The vegetarian plans are not expensive and they provide you new and interesting ways of making your meals tasty. Some companies offer excellent vegetarian options, so make sure you check out a few healthy prepared meals delivered providers before selecting one which gives you the most number of options. 

Check if the fresh meals delivered provider offers vegan meal plans. If there are no vegan plans, find out how you can make the best use of the vegetarian options. If you are a vegan, it can be difficult to find a plant based meal delivery service that has recipes that suit your no-animal diet. 

Gluten Free

Diet meal delivery companies know the importance of offering gluten-free options. This option is especially useful to those suffering from irritable bowel symptom or celiac disease. Some companies may specially-wrap dishes to prevent gluten contamination. So, select a company that best caters to your requirements and understands the importance and precautions that need to be taken for gluten free meal options.

Most providers that offer healthy prepared meals delivered to your doorstep, DO NOT use organic ingredients to prepare their meals, so if you only eat organic its important that you look into this, to make sure the provider uses organic food. As you already know, organically-sourced ingredients not only taste better but have a lot more nutrients than conventionally grown ingredients and you get to avoid a lot of toxins like pesticides and fertilizers.

Weight Loss Meal Delivery

Maybe one of your goals with signing up for pre-made meals delivery service is to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Meal kits will help you plan your meals in advance with healthy and tasty ingredients. In a short time, you will learn several new recipes that you can integrate in your daily routine. This will allow you to eat healthy food in your house and you will be able to lose weight with minimal effort, afterall, diet is 80% of the weight loss battle.

Paleo Food Delivery

As you may be aware, the Paleo Diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, sugars, and breads. Many meal delivery providers offer items that are suited to those on a Paleo Diet, so finding a paleo diet delivery service that offers premade paleo meals are not hard

Kids Meal Delivery

If you have fussy kids at home, you can use family meal plans to satisfy the taste buds of young adults in your house. A Kid friendly meal delivery service will have items that are typically tasty and not spicy. Family meal plans include meals for up to 4 people. These meal prep delivery services plans may seem expensive when compared to 2-person plan but they have a lower cost per serving.   Nowadays, a lot of kids are developing some type of food sensitives, so it’s important that if you are considering a kids meal delivery service for this reason, then a company that offers gluten free options may be the best meal delivery service for kids in this case.

Diabetic Meal Delivery

If you are searching for home delivery meals for diabetics, then you should opt for dietician designed meal plans. While some companies have plans that are specifically designed for diabetics, others may allow their customers to prepare their own plan after consulting an in-house dietician, look for this option to find the best food delivery service for diabetics.

How Meal Plans Work

Most meal providers claim to offer the best experience but you can get the true picture by reading the reviews of people who have used their service. As a rule, you should select a plan only if it meets your culinary needs. This will include the number recipes you want and the number of people in your house. Once you decide on the recipes and number of mouths to feed, you will have the option of choosing the meals you like.

Most meal delivery companies offer a wide variety of dishes with excellent flavors.  A major difference between meal providers is that some providers will deliver the ingredients and give you an opportunity to cook the meal in your house, while others send ready-made meals, that you just have to heat up in the oven, microwave or stove top. Either way, meals or its ingredients will be delivered to your door steps. 

Best Meal Delivery Service Subscription

Choosing the right prepared meal delivery service will require you to find a good healthy premade meals provider that provides excellent customer service coupled with tasty and nutritious food.

Also, they must provide the best quality meals that suit your dietary requirements. They should offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly home food delivery service and must also offer to deliver the ingredients of the recipe or ready-made meals. All the ingredients you receive must be checked before sending and must be of the best quality.


When you opt for a complete meals delivered subscription boxes, it allows you to enjoy your meals at a budget that fits your pocket. With so many options available in the marketplace, choosing the right option has become easy. All you have to do is click a few buttons and search for healthy food delivery near me followed by your zip code. This will give you details of all companies that deliver meals in your area. Some companies give you the option of delivering ingredients, which help in honing in on your kitchen skills, while enjoying tasty food.