Don’t be fooled by what they show you on reality TV cooking shows. Cooking your food is not easy and it does not come naturally to everyone. Cooking is even more difficult for people who have dietary restrictions. If you follow a vegan diet, it is not easy to find a place to order a vegan meal kit or to come up with new vegan recipes every day, especially if you are cooking for several members of your family and they need food urgently.

For vegans, vegan meal box services are a relatively dynamic and new way from making new dishes at home. The vegan meal prep company will also make sure that you get enough nutrients and proteins, so you don’t have to compromise on your dietary requirements. This will ensure that things are fresh and fun around your house. If you are looking for vegan meal delivery near me, here are some of the best meal delivery service for vegans.

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Top 5 Vegan Food Delivery Companies

Like any other top meal prep services picks, these best best meal delivery service for vegan picks are reflective of my own bias and preferences  – so just use them as a starting point! Now lets take a look my top 4 home delivery meals for vegans:


Organic Produce

Vegetarian Menu that can be customized to Vegan:

Sun Basket Vegan Meal Delivery Services

They are an ideal option for those looking specifically for a vegan meal plan. Most of the recipes you find in the vegan meal prep service menu of Sun Basket are prepared by in-house chefs and nutritionists. All the ingredients of their healthy vegan meal delivery menu are organic. Also, the vegan ready meals delivered to your door are packed in 100 percent compostable and recyclable packing.


  • Skip The Typical Legwork – No grocery story, No planning, No research required.
  • Plant Based Ingredients – Worldwide inspired recipes, satisfying and easy vegan meals.
  • Clean Ingredients – Sauces made in house, non-GMO Tofu and Organic produce.


A drawback of using Sun Basket’s vegan food delivery service is that there is no delivery in Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, parts of North Dakota and New Mexico. Also, you have to pay $6.99 in shipping charges for vegan meals delivered to your door.

Vegan Meal Prep Delivery

To ensure that you get the most from your vegan meal prep delivery, Sun Basket recently launched their plant-focused meal plans. These plans ensure that you get non-GMO, organic, healthy, and tasty food with every vegan meal service delivery. The healthy fats and Omega-3’s in your vegan prepared meals are derived from avocado, olive oil, and seeds.

Vegan Meal Service

sun basket vegan meals

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When you subscribe to Sun Basket’s vegan meal plan service, you are allowed to select from multiple recipes, Some of the options available in their premade vegan meals plan include:

  • Crispy tofu stir-fry with sweet Sichuan sauce and jasmine rice
  • Velvety mushroom bucatini
  • Tempeh tikka masala with green beans and basmati rice
  • Braised tofu and soba noodle salad with miso-tamari dressing
  • Walnut-mushroom flatbreads with apricots and lemon-tahini dressing.


To get 3 vegan premade meals per week for 2-4 persons, you can expect to spend $11.99 per serving. For the 4 person family meal plan, where you can get 2-4 recipes per week, you can expect to pay $10.99 per serving. Some of the dishes you should order when you select their raw vegan food delivery plan are Chickpea Tagine and Moroccan Root Vegetables.

Green Chef Vegan Prepared Meal Delivery

Green Chef is one of the best vegan food delivery service in the market, as there are very few meal delivery companies that actually have a vegan menu, most only have a vegetarian menu that can be customized to fit a vegan diet. When you choose their vegan weekly meal delivery service, you can choose from 3 new vegan dishes every week. However, you have to pay shipping charges or $6.99 for delivery of your vegan mail order meals.


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Vegan Weight Loss Meal Delivery

Even though Green Chef has many options when it comes to vegan diet meal delivery, their food is tasty and it contains the nutrients you need. Also, you can make changes to your raw vegan meal delivery service order to suit your need. For instance, if you are not home, you can always cancel or change the delivery date.

Vegan Meal Prep Company

Green Chef offers vegan diet food delivery plan with 3 new recipes to choose from every week. Some of the vegan recipe options you may want to try in your vegan food service delivery include:


  • Veggie Stir-Fry
  •  Vegan Crab cakes
  • Bavarian Super Grain Bowl.


One of the dishes you should include in your vegan meal order is Pesto Pasta Primavera.

green chef vegan meals

Vegan Food Prep Delivery

When it comes to pricing, Green Chef is not one of the cheapest vegan meal delivery options. They charge you $11.99 per serving in Classic Plan and $10.99 per serving for the family plan

Veestro Vegan Food Delivery

veestro meal delivery


The idea behind Veestro vegan meal delivery service is to provide healthy vegan food that can be ready in only a few minutes, so that it can be a replacement for fast junk food.  Both couples and singles will appreciate their a la carte menu option who are look for planted based meals that not only taste good, but that are also healthy.


There is no more guessing portion sizes and the meals require very little prep time, just warm them up and get ready to eat.  They even have breakfast vegan food options.  Choose either a 10, 20 or 30 vegan meal subscription box.  You can choose from favorites like  Country Fried Chick’n, Red Curry Tofu and the Enchilada Casserole.


They have 3 menu options to choose from, Weight loss(Low Calorie Meals), Chef’s Choice (Chef Curated Favorites) and an a la carte menu where you can select 10 meals of your choice, all are frozen vegan meals, so whenever you find a dish you love, you can always re-order it on a regular basis.


Do you have diet preferences?  No problem, Veestro has you covered.  Their healthy meal plan diet preferences include:


  • Soy free
  • High protein
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free


Looking for a vegan weight loss meal plan?


They have weight loss diet plans where each meal is around 1200 calories, so take a break from counting calories, as it’s already done for you with Veestro’s vegan diet food subscriptions.  There are also ton of menu options for you to choose and each meal has reviews from actual customers who have tried them, which can help with narrowing down the best meals for you to try.


Delivery:  Veestro delivers nationwide, excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska.


Price:  The cheapest vegan meal delivery plan they have is $99 for 10 vegan meals which is ideal for singles. Sometimes they have specials where you can get the first 6 meals for $49.


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Purple Carrot Vegan Diet Food Delivery

purple carrot meal delivery review

Purple Carrot is a strictly vegan meal delivery service that has 100% plant based meals, that are both tasty and healthy. The Purple Carrot Company’s goals are to take care of the environment, animal welfare and health.


They have a 2 serving meal plan that is great for singles and you will have complete control when it comes to choosing your meals, they also have a 4 serving meal plan that works better for families.  They do change their menu items frequently, but some of the favorites to look out for are:

  • Delicious salads
  • Japanese style Okonomiyaki
  • Loaded sweet potato fries with avocado aioli and chickpea.

They also have new seasonal and weekly dishes, so you will always find something new to try.


They ship all the ingredients in exact portions that are pre-measured to your door and include a booklet with step by step instructions to make the cooking process fun and simple.  You do have the option to add lunch, breakfast and snacks, which include fuel packed toasts and wholesome bowls that only take 5 minutes to prepare.


Shipping & Delivery:  They deliver nationwide, except for Alaska and Hawaii.  You do have the option to cancel or skip weeks at any time.


Pricing & Costs:  The 2 serving plan starts at $11.99 which includes 3 or 4 recipes per week.  The 4 serving plan starts at $9.99 and includes 2 or 3 recipes per week.


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Fresh N Lean Food Delivery Box

Fresh N’ Lean is the fastest vegan food delivery to whip up.  Their ready to eat and fully cooked vegan meals are not only organic but are also 100% plant based.  That means all you have to do is unpack and warm up.

This prepackaged meal delivery company states that you can have your meals ready in 3 minutes to eat, which is perfect for those busy week nights where you don’t want to be in the kitchen.

Their menu includes wholesome ingredients that are seasonal and are created by a chef.  Some great meals to try are Chipotle Tofu with black beans, Teriyaki brown rice with broccoli or Quinoa with maple potato and cabbage.

They use locally grown and seasonal produce in their recipes, which are dietician approved.  If you are looking for a complete package, you can also order their 5 minute breakfast options.

The meals are delivered in BPA-free containers which are placed in a recyclable cardboard box.

Delivery:  Fresh N’ Lean delivery’s nationwide.

Pricing:  Their food delivery subscriptions start out at $8.40 per meal and you do have the option to cancel, pause or skip a week at any time.

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Hello Fresh Vegan Meal Plan Delivery

One of the reasons why Hello Fresh is considered by many as the best vegan meal delivery service is because their recipes are easy to make. With their vegan food delivery service, you can prepare tasty meals in less than 30 minutes. Another advantage of using their online vegan pre packaged meals service is that you can easily pause or cancel your plan.

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Vegan Prepared Meals


The biggest problem you are likely to face with Hello Fresh is that their vegan prepared meal delivery service is not strictly vegan, what I mean by that is HelloFresh has a Veggie Meal Plan, which is really a vegetarian meal plan that does not include meat or fish, but you do have the option to customize it, so you can remove any ingredient that you don’t want, in some cases the new vegetarian recipes are actually vegan. Having said that, you can always tweak your plan to suit your needs. Also, desserts are not included in their vegan ready made meals.


Vegan Food Delivery Service


With Hello Fresh you pick a vegan meal delivery plan that suits your dietary requirements, number of people in your house, and days of the week you want vegan food meal delivery. Like other affordable vegan meal delivery companies, you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.


If you are planning to use Hello Fresh’s nationwide vegan home delivery service, you have 3 options. You can choose classic, veggie, or family plan. When you select their meals vegan delivery service, you have 35 meals options. Some of the popular vegan options include:


  • Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry – with Baby Spinach over Basmati Rice
  • Bok Choy and Black Rice Veggie Bowl – with Marinated Radishes and Mushrooms
  • Vegetarian Paella – with Sweet Peppers, Mushrooms, and Rosemary

hello fresh meals

When you order vegan meals with Hello Fresh, there are several options. In fact, the company says some of its dishes can me be fully vegan by removing ingredients such as yogurt or cheese.


Vegan Home Delivery Meals


To get vegan food delivered to your door you have pay Hello Fresh $8.99 per serving. HelloFresh charges $5.99 for shipping charges to get these best vegan home delivery meals. One of the vegan dishes that you should include in your vegan home delivery meal service is Seitan Sloppy Joes with Arugula Salad.

Martha & Marley Spoon Vegan Meal Prep Service

If you use the organic vegan meal delivery of Martha & Marley Spoon, you can cook your favorite dish by following just 6 steps. All the ingredients that you received in your vegan food delivery kit are pre-measured, which reduces wastage. Also, all the recipes you find on their online vegan pre prepared meals menu are designed by Martha Stewart.

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Vegan Delivery Service

Even though Martha & Marley Spoon is really a vegetarian meal service and not a vegan food prep service, they have limited vegan options. However, some of their dishes can be altered to meet your requirements. Also, you can use their vegan meals food delivery service to only order your dinner. This means they are good for vegan dinner delivery, but for lunch, breakfast, or deserts options, you have to look elsewhere.

Vegan Premade Meals

Martha Stewart’s vegan food prep delivery is easy and fun to use, with recipes you can plan and order weeks in advance. Also, the ingredients of the fresh vegan meals delivered to you are pre-measured and are packed in recyclable materials.

Organic Vegan Meal Delivery

Even though Martha & Marley Spoon offers limited options when it comes to vegan prepared food delivery, they do have some appealing menu options such as creole vegetarian tofu and Moroccan tagine.

The price of this best vegan delivery service will depend on the plan you select, vegan options are only available in 2-3 meals per week options, because of the limited menu. If you order an organic vegan food delivery box for 2 people, you will pay $12 per service or $48 per week for 2 meals, and $10.25 per service or $61.50 for 3 meals a week. For 3-4 people, you will have to pay $9.50 per serving or $76 per week for 2 meals and $8.90 per service or $106.80 for 3 meals.


If you are looking for a vegan recipe suggestion to include a dish in your vegan weight loss meal delivery, make sure you try the Spinach Congee and Mushroom with Fried Garlic and Furikake, as it is low on fat and tasty.

martha and marley spoon meals

Vegan Diet


Living a vegan lifestyle is not easy, as you have limited options and have to do a lot of planning. It is in your interest to use the services of a company that not only offers vegan diet delivery but who also understands the requirements of the vegan diet. To select the best vegan food delivery provider, you must find out what each company has to offer, such as whether they actually have a vegan menu or if instead it’s a vegetarian menu that can be modified and select the one that offers the maximum vegan recipe options at the least price.

Best Plant Based Meal Delivery Near Me Recommendations

Below is our complete list of the best best vegan food delivery service for vegans. These vegan meal prep companies have menus designed specifically for the vegan diet or at least has a vegetarian menu that can be customized to the vegan diet preferences.


Top Vegan
Meal Kits
PriceLink To Claim
sun basket meal deliveryStarting at $10.99/serving$60 Off – $40 and $20 Off the First and Second OrdersRead My Review!
hellofresh food deliveryStarting at $8.74/serving$60 Off – $20 off your first 3 ordersRead My Review!
green chef food deliveryStarting at $11.99/servingSave $40 off your first order Read My Review!
Starting at $8.70/serving$60 Off Your Marley Spoon Order!Read My Review!
Starting at $9.90/serving 25% Off Your Veestro Order!Read My Review!

Blue apron does not have a vegan meal option, and there isn’t a way to customize any of their recipes to make it vegan.

Yes, HelloFresh now has vegan meal plans on their menu, which also include organic ingredients

Yes, Purple Carrot is a 100% vegan meal delivery service.

Yes, a planted based diet is comprised of legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruit. 

No, they do not have vegan options, Every Plate’s goal is to keep prices low for their meal kits, so they do not cater to any special dietary preferences.