Here is another big meal delivery service battle. Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon is looking to stand up against the well known Hello Fresh. Does Marley Spoon have what it takes to compete with HelloFresh? Continue reading below to find out if Marley Spoon is strong enough give Hello Fresh a run for their money.


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hellofresh food delivery
Cost Per ServingShipping
Classic Plan$9.99Free
Family Plan$8.74Free
Veggie Plan$9.99Free
Meals Per WeekCost Per ServingCost Per Week

Should You Sign Up For Marley Spoon Or Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service?

Both of these meal prep delivery companies have many great positive attributes. Both have been designed to solve the problem most consumers have when it comes to dinner time, which is coming up with new recipes so that dinner is no longer boring. Both use local fresh produce that’s ideal for the majority of people.  And both offer free delivery.

So how does one choose?

  It always come down to dietary preferences, so if you prefer high quality meats such as wild caught fish and pastured eggs, then Marley Spoon is your best bet.  However, if you don’t care about that and you are more interested in a larger variety of recipes to choose from then HelloFresh is the way to go and while HelloFresh doesn’t specifically cater to some dietary preferences, which their large variety of menu options, you can customize some of their meals to match your diet preferences.