Specific Dietary Plans






Family Size







  • 7 Dietary Meal Plans That You Can Choose From
  • Wide Selection Of Restaurant Quality Meal Options
  • Family Plan Options For 2, 3 or 4 persons


  • Additional Charges For Shippings $9
  • They Don't Deliver to parts of Louisiana, Hawaii & Alaska
  • You Don't have the ability to choose specific recipes instead you only get to choose a dietary meal plan

Green Chef Reviews

If you are still looking for a good low carb meal delivery service or a vegan meal delivery service, then Green Chef is one of your best option. Green Chef is a pre made meals provider that offers non-GMO, organic, and sustainable ingredients delivered to your door. Most of their recipes are designed by their in-house chef to ensure you get tasty and nutritious food.


Green Chef Meals


They are an ideal option for those who prefer plant based meal delivery from a fresh food delivery provider. When you use Green Chef, you are given the option to choose from several meal delivery plans. You have the option of choosing between the 2-people plan and the family plan which is ideal for 4 people. Before you use the meal delivery service of Green Chef, you must know what they have to offer. Here is a brief review of the company. 


Pros And Cons With Green Chef


The best apart about using the meal prep delivery service of Green Chef is that they offer recipes that cater to the requirements of 7 different lifestyles. So, if you on a specific dietary lifestyle, then Home Chef is one of the best food delivery service for you. Also, their chef-inspired meals are sumptuous and healthy. Furthermore, they offer several plans that cater to 2-person and a 4-person family. Since they offer several meal options, it reduces wastage.


Green Chef Keto Meals


One of the reasons why Green Chef is considered the best home delivery meals provider is because they offer organic and non-GMO ingredients, which is exactly what people who suffer from food allergies need.  For home delivery food service, you will have to pay $9 towards shipping.


Green Chef Delivery


This is a high price to pay for delivery, especially when there are several other meal delivery companies that don’t charge you for home delivery meals. Furthermore, you cannot use their services if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, and several areas of Louisiana. Most meal prep companies give you the option of not only choosing the meal plans but also the recipes. However, with Green Chef you can only select your meal plan and not the recipes. 


Why Should You Use Green Chef Meal Delivery?


For people looking for non-GMO, organic, and healthy food – Green Chef is a great option. Using healthy and organic ingredients with chef-designed meals, will save you precious shopping and meal planning time, while delivering healthy food to your door. The healthy meals delivered to you can easily be prepared in about 30 minutes. Most recipes are very easy and can be prepared by people who don’t have any kitchen experience. 


How Green Chef Food Delivery Works 


To use the meal prep services of Green Chef, just visit their website and check out the different plans they offer. You have the option of choosing the 2 person plan which includes 3 meals. If you choose this plan, you will get 6 meals per week. You also have the option of choosing the family plan, wherein you get 2 wholesome dinners for 4 people.  


Green Chef Meal Plans


When you select the 2-person ready made meals plan, you get the option of choosing from 7 different dietary plans. Some of the options available include:

·       Vegetarian


·       Gluten-free


·       Vegan


·       Keto


·       Omnivore


·       Paleo


·       Pescatarian


With the family plan, you get just two options:


    carnivore and omnivore diets.


Even though Green Chef is one of the best meal delivery service providers, they don’t allow you to choose a special meal.


However, they do send a variety of meals that changes every week, so you don’t get bored.   When you register with Green Chef, you will be asked to choose a meal plan and give your delivery address. After you enter these details, you will be directed to the payment page. Fresh meals delivered to your door will be between Monday and Thursday. Of course, you are given the option of selecting the delivery days. You are also given the option of changing the diet food delivery day and time before the weekly cut-off time. 


Green Chef Meal Options 


As stated earlier, Green Chef offers seven dietary options – paleo, pescatarian, omnivore, vegan, keto, vegetarian, and gluten-free. All prepared meals delivered to your door are certified organic and supports eco-friendly and local farmlands. Even though all ingredients you receive are pre-measured, you will have to some preparatory work. You must follow the detailed instructions that come with the ingredients. These instructions include visual and timing cues to make it easier for you to prepare your dish. Also, you should check out the tips given by the in-house chef of the company, as it will make cooking fun and easy. 


Green Chef Meal Pricing 


For the 2-person plan you will have to pay $11.99 per meal for vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, and gluten-free option. For paleo and keto option, you will have to pay $12.99 per meal. 


Meal KitCost
Keto$12.99 per meal
Paleo$12.99 per meal
Gluten-Free$11.99 per meal
Carnivore$11.99 per meal
Vegan$11.99 per meal
Omnivore$11.99 per meal
Vegetarian$11.99 per meal
Family planStarts at $10.99 per meal



Help and Support 


For any questions about their healthy food delivery, you can visit the FAQ section on their website. This section has answers to almost all questions you may have on subscriptions, meal options, shipping, and delivery. If you don’t find your answers in this section, you can always call them or send them an email. 


Bottom Line 


If you are following any of the specific healthy diet lifestyles we mentioned above and want dinner delivered to your door, then Green Chef is an excellent option for you. Most of their recipes are designed by their chefs who ensure that you don’t get bored with their food.