Shopping for the ingredients of your favorite recipe is difficult, especially if you have a busy work schedule. Your best option is to choose a company that offers home delivery meals. When selecting a company, it is important to evaluate a few meal prep companies and select the best food delivery service company. In this article, we have reviewed two of the top meal prep delivery providers Marley Spoon Meal Prep Delivery and Plated Meal Prep Delivery.

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Marley Spoon Food Delivery


One of the reasons why Marley Spoon is one the best meal delivery service provider is because they have a straightforward and easy to follow system. Even if you don’t have any kitchen experience, you can easily follow the step-by-step instructions that come with the ready made meals. Marley Spoon keeps their customers happy by offering several meal options and changing their recipes every week. Also, the dinner delivered to your door contains fresh and high-quality ingredients.


The main drawback of using the meal delivery service of Marley Spoon is that they don’t offer desserts, breakfast, or lunch meal options. Also, they offer limited options for those looking for specific diet plans such as low carb meal delivery.  They do however have some plant based meal delivery that can work for vegetarians and vegans. Marley Spoon is also not a good option if you are looking to order pre made meals for more than 4 people.


The price you pay for your meal delivery plans will vary with the number of servings you order and the frequency of order. They usually charge between $8.70 and $12 per serving. Shipping is free, and the delivery date will depend on the location.


Plated Meal Delivery


If you want healthy meals delivered to your door, then Plated is a good option. They offer several interesting and nutritious recipes that you are bound to enjoy cooking. All the ingredients of the prepared meals delivered to your door are fresh and pre-portioned. They also are an environment friendly prepared food delivery provider that supports the waste-free initiative.


When you subscribe to the meal prep delivery services of the Plated company, you will have to pay up to $11.95, which is a bit expensive. Also, since they are a subscription-based healthy food delivery provider, you will have to manually cancel the delivery when you are not in town.


Final Thoughts


Both Marley Spoon and Plated are at par when it comes to quality of ingredients and number of recipes offered. However, Plated is a shade better when it comes to customer support.