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  • Antibiotic Free Meats
  • Organic Produce
  • Flexible Meal Plans
  • 20 Weekly Recipes To Choose From


  • Doesn't Deliver To All Cities in Texas, Hawaii or Alaska
  • Can be expensive if ordering less than 2 meals

Plated Reviews - Meal Delivery Service

plated meal plan review

Plated is one of the best meal delivery service providers for people who love eating sumptuous food. When you use the meal delivery service of this company, you will receive everything you possibly need to make tasty and amazing meals.


If you want dinner delivered to your place, all you have to do is use the meal prep delivery service offered by Plated. You will soon receive a customized box that will contain tasty food that you are bound to love. If you want to find out more about the meal prep services of Plated, read on.


How Plated Meals Can Help You


When you use the meal delivery service of Plated, you can cook dinner at home more efficiently. Luckily, signing up for healthy food delivery with Plated is as easy as cooking the ingredients sent by them. When you sign up for prepared food delivery with Plated, you just have to tell them how often you cook and what you like to eat.


When Plated receives this information, they will generate several healthy prepared meal plans for you. This will make it easy for you choose pre made meals that best suit your schedule and dietary requirements. You get the option of choosing from more than 20 recipes. These recipes include deserts which are bound to satisfy your taste buds.


When you use the healthy meal delivery services of Plated, you will get a box that contains all the ingredients you need to prepare the meals you see on the website of the company.


What Does Plated Plans Offer?



When you sign up with Plated, you can choose the weight loss meal delivery or fresh food delivery plan depending on how often you plan to cook at home. When it comes to choosing meal delivery plans, you have 3 options to choose from two, three, or four servings per night.


Unlike other meal prep delivery services, Plated offers more flexibility in terms of delivery and the food you order. Not only can you adjust your home delivery food options but you can also make changes to the recipes and choose any combination from the 20 weekly recipes.


Meal Options For You Specific Dietary Needs:

  • Gluten Free
  • Low Carb
  • Low Calorie
  • Vegetarian
  • Seafood



When choosing your recipes, you can even include desserts!

Some of the menu options that are normally available include fontina-stuffed chicken, seared steak bibimbap, and blackened cod.



Plated Meal Plans Pros & Cons



If you are looking for an organic meal delivery service, then Plated is one of the best meal prep companies in the market. All the ingredients you receive in the box are locally sourced and organically produced. Apart from offering one of best prepared meal delivery service, the company also allows you to manage your account using your android or iPhone.


In fact, the Plated app has all the features available on their website. You also get the option of rating their dishes via their app, which will let them know what you like and dislike. Another factor that differentiates it from other diet meal delivery companies is that you can skip weeks when you are not in town.


You also have the option of cancelling your Plated subscription, if you don’t plan to use their services.


Even though Plated is one of the best home delivery meals service, a drawback of using their service is the waste that you will left with after you have completed cooking. When getting your ready made meals prepared in your kitchen, you will be left with cooking pads, containers, and box which you may not decide to reuse.


Also, you must decide in advance how much you plan to order with plated, as their healthy premade meals are not cheap. When you compare the prices charged by Plated, you will find them to be a bit more expensive when compared to other home delivery meals service.



Plated Delivery Pricing



When you sign up for one of their pre made meals delivered plans, it is in your interest to check their subscription charges before finalizing your order. The price you pay to Plated will depend on the plan you choose and the servings you select.


Meals Per WeekCost Per ServingCost Per Week


For 2 servings per night, Plated charges you $11.95 per servings. So for 2 nights you have spend $47.80 per week.

For 3 nights you have to spend $71.70.

For 4 nights you have spend $95.60 a week.

Meals Per WeekCost Per ServingCost Per Week


Meals Per WeekCost Per ServingCost Per Week


For 3 and 4 servings per night, you have to spend $9.95 per serving. If you opt for 3 servings per night, your weekly spend will be $59.70 for 2 nights, $89.55 for 3 nights, and $119.40 for four nights. If you like to have 4 servings per night, your weekly spend will be $79.60 for 2 nights, $119.40 for 3 nights, and $159.20 for 4 nights.



Plated Food Delivery



When signing up for fresh meals delivered at your doorstep, the biggest worry is the high delivery charges to have to pay to the provider. However, with Plated, you don’t have to worry about delivery charges, as shipping is free for weekly plans of over $60. Also, you get the option of adjusting your delivery day and personal plan options to suit your needs.


You can always reschedule your prepared meals delivery routine to ensure you are at home when healthy meal s delivered.


If for some reason the delivery of food is delayed, you can still enjoy your food and your money isn’t wasted. This is because the company uses special insulated boxes that keep your food fresh until midnight of your chosen delivery date.


Another benefit of using Plated is that you don’t have to waste your time searching for meal prep services near me, as they delivery to most locations in the United States.


Plated Meal Delivery Support


Getting answers for all the questions you may have about their services is pretty easy. Just check out the FAQ section of their website.


This section has answers for all the questions you may have on their delivery, subscription, and even cancellation. You will also find details of their subscription charges for 2, 3, and 4 servings per night. If your questions are still unanswered, you can always call their customer care number.



Plated Meal Prep Bottom line



One of the reasons we consider Plated as one of the best food delivery service is because we love cooking Plated meals. They not only give you the option of creating new dishes but you get to also try out new things. Even though they offer several options, you might want to think twice before signing up with them, as their services are not cheap.

However, if you are willing to pay a little extra, they are a worthwhile option that services more than 95 per cent of the country.