Plated vs Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Review

To live healthy, you must exercise regularly and eat nutritious food. This would require you to visit the market frequently to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are one of those consumers, who don’t have the time to visit the local farmers market, you could use the services of a meal prep delivery company.

With so many meal prep companies that are claiming to be the best meal delivery service provider, it becomes difficult to choose what is best for you.

In this article, we have compared two popular meal delivery service providers, you can also get more details in our full review for Plated Meal Delivery Service and Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service here:

plated food delivery
hellofresh food delivery
Meals Per NightCost Per ServingCost Per Week
Cost Per ServingShipping
Classic Plan$9.99Free
Family Plan$8.74Free
Veggie Plan$9.99Free

The main USP of Plated is that they delivery healthy and interesting pre made meals to your door. Also, cooking is easier when the ready made meals are packed properly and are pre-portioned. Plated is also a social conscious home delivery food provider that promotes the waste-free initiative.


A drawback of using the meal prep services of Plated is that they are expensive when compared to their competitors. Also, their home delivery meals service is a subscription based service. So, if you are not in town, you have to manually cancel your delivery.


If you order 2 servings per night, you will have to shell out $11.95 per serving. For 3 or 4 servings, you will have to spend only $9.95 per serving. For all fresh food delivery above $50, you don’t have to pay any shipping charges.


Hello Fresh Food Delivery Service


If you are looking for home delivery meals that specializes in low carb meal delivery or diet meal delivery, then Hello Fresh is one of the best options. When it comes to healthy food delivery, they offer so many options, which is a boon for cooking lovers.



A major drawback of Hello Fresh is that they use too much plastic for home delivery food. Also, the ingredients of prepared meals delivered to your door are not organic. Considering they don’t use organic ingredients, they rates are a bit expensive when compared to other non-organic meal prep delivery services.



Hello Fresh offers three meal delivery plans – Veggie, Classic, and Family plan. For the veggie and classic plan, you have to pay $9.99 per serving. For the family plan, you have to pay $8.74 per serving.


Also, the dinner delivered to your door is free, irrespective of the order size.



Final Thoughts



Both Hello Fresh and Plated are good when it comes to prepared food delivery. However, Hello Fresh is a shade better when it comes to quality of ingredients and customer support.