Home Chef and Plated are two of the most popular meal delivery service start-ups online. They are both shaking things up in a big way with their direct-to-consumer model.


So which meal prep delivery service will win?  Plated or Home Chef? Read on for our head-to-head and for a more detailed review of each you can check out Home Chef Review and Plated Review

home chef food delivery
plated food delivery

All Home Chef meals start at $9.95, and you have the option to get 2, 4, or 6 servings. Also if you want lunch, they do have an option sold at $7.99

Meals Per NightCost Per ServingCost Per Week

Should You Sign Up For Plated Or Home Chef?

The home delivery meal service that’s right for you ultimately hinges on your diet preferences and priorities. The biggest differentiating factors between Plated and Home Chef are the ones that will likely determine which food delivery service is the better choice for you.


You should get Plated if you are looking for higher quality ingredients such as organic produce and sustainably raised meats.


 You should get Home Chef if you are looking for more vegetarian options, gluten free, nut free and soy free recipes.